Version accepted in Rome (Italy), 23 June 2010. This Statute supersedes all previous versions

Article 1: Name, aims and seat
  1. The Mediterranean Phytopathological Union, hereinafter referred to as the Union, is a regional non-profit organisation of individual members, scientific institutions and Societies in the Mediterranean regions with the following aims:
    • to disseminate and increase the knowledge of phytopathology specific to the Mediterranean area considered as an ecologic unit;
    • to establish and foster relationships among phytopathologists and all those who are engaged in plant protection in the Mediterranean area, by promoting personal contacts, collaboration and the exchange of ideas and information.
  2. The official address of the Union shall be that of the Secretary-Treasurer.
Article 2: Membership

  1. Regular members

  2. Any person interested in Plant Pathology, in particular from Countries of the Mediterranean area, can become a Regular member. Regular members have the right to vote and hold effective office, and to be eligible as an Emeritus or Fellow member of the Union. They receive free access to the on-line and/or print version of Union’s journal and have right to reduced fees for all of the Union’s activities.

  3. Student members

  4. A student can join the Union on request of a Regular member. Their fee is always half of that of a Regular member, and they are entitled to the same privileges;

  5. Emeritus members

  6. A retired member who has been a MPU member for at least 20 years and has rendered distinguished services to the Union can become an Emeritus member. The nomination can be proposed by any member by submitting a fully justified written application, or by a Board member and must be approved by the Board. Emeritus members are entitled to the same rights as Regular members but they do not have to pay a membership fee.

  7. Institutional members
  8. Institutions and organisations, payng an annual membership fee. They are entitled to receive the Union’s periodical free of charge.

  9. Sustaining members

  10. Organisations and Institutions, private or public, that sustain the Union with a yearly membership fee or a contribution such as a free donation. Sustaining members will be listed in the website, in the journal and in the Newsletter.

  11. Affiliated members

  12. Affiliated members are plant protection or plant pathology societies in the Mediterranean region who areaffiliated to the Union. Affiliated members should pay an annual membership fee decided by the Board.

All membership applications shall be addressed to the office of the Secretary-Treasurer for approval by the Board.

Article 3: Governing Board
  1. The Union is managed by a Governing Board composed of a President, a President-elect, the immediate Past President, three Board members, a Secretary-Treasurer and the Editor(s)-in-Chief of the journal. The President and the President-elect will be chosen from Mediterranean countries. The President-elect will become automatically, at the end of each term, the President.
  2. The Board is legally convened when half plus one of its members are present. The Board shall decide by a simple majority of votes.
  3. The President represents the Union in legal and other matters. He can delegate the Secretary-Treasurer to act as the legal representative of the Union
Article 4: General Assembly
  1. The General Assembly of the Union consists of all regular, emeritus and student members as well as the representatives of the national societies affiliated with the Union. The General Assembly will meet at every MPU Congress.
  2. The members attending the General Assembly will constitute a quorum. Decisions will be taken by a simple majority of those present.
Article 5: Election of officers

  1. Election of Board members
    • The President-elect and the three other Board members shall be elected by all voting members by ballot. All members who have paid their dues are qualified to vote. A simple majority is sufficient.
    • Votes shall be counted by the Secretary-Treasurer and three Scrutineers, to be appointed by the President.
    • The Secretary-Treasurer is nominated by the President and must be from Italy, where the journal is published.

  2. Term of office
    • All positions on the Board shall normally be for a term, which will have the duration of the period between two congresses, preferably every three years.
    • Members may be re-elected once only for any specific position, except for the President.
Article 6: Publications
  1. The official organ of the Union is the journal Phytopathologia Mediterranea.
  2. The Editorial Board (composed of the Editor(s) in Chief and at least 10 Editors selected in order to cover the different fields in plant pathology) is appointed by the Board of the MPU, which acts as the Advisory Board of the journal.
  3. The Union also publishes the newsletter, which will be distributed at least once a year to all members of the Union, and a webpage. The Newsletter Editor shall be appointed by the Board
Article 7: Financial Affairs

Deliberations, balance sheets and generally all matters relating to the life of the Union will be announced in the newsletter, webpage and/or the Phytopathologia Mediterranea. The publication of the MPU Newsletter, of Phytopathologia Mediterranea and all the activities of the Union are supported by the membership fees, which include subscriptions to the first or to both serials, and by contributions from supporting individuals and public bodies and institutions.

Article 8: Membership fees

Membership fees are in Euro. They are fixed by the Board from year to year. The current membership fees will be published in the newsletter, Phytopathologia Mediterranea and the webpage.

Article 9: Affiliation

The Union is affiliated with the International Society for Plant Pathology (ISPP). Fees paid by members to the Union include dues for ISPP affiliation.

Article 10: Congress and meetings

Unless prevented by reasons beyond their control, a Congress of the Union shall be held every three years. If more than one country wishes to host the Congress, the place and time of the Congress to be held will be decided by the Board after consultation with all Council members. All members of the Union will be allowed to participate without any restriction or restraint.
Apart from Congresses, special or local meetings may be arranged at any time at the discretion of the Board.

Article 11: Amendments

This Statute can be amended by a two-thirds majority of those present at the General Assembly or of the voting members by a circular vote. Amendments and additions to the Statute, proposed by the Board or by members in good standing, must reach the Secretary-Treasurer at least six months prior to the General Assembly. The proposed amendments will be circulated to all members for their comments to reach them at least a month prior to the General Assembly.

Article 12: Temporary measures

During the first cycle of elections in the implementation of the newly approved Statute, the MPU members will be called to elect a President, a President-elect and three Board members. In subsequent cycles they will be called to elect a President-elect and three Board members only.